What is a urinary tract infection? Well, while they sound scary, they can be super common. Symptoms of a UTI might include pain or burning when you pee, feeling the urge to go even if you don’t need to, back pain or lower abdominal pain, funky smelling urine, body aches or chills. These infections are typically cause by bacteria entering the urinary tract by the urethra from sex swimming, using a diaphragm, holding your pee too long, or wiping back to front. Are they hard to treat? Typically no! We’ll do a urine culture and see what bugs grow. After a short course of antibiotics, some over the counter AZO and drinking water like it’s your job- you’ll be feeling better in no time.

But, can they be prevented? There are certainly steps that you can take to reduce the occurrence.

  • Drink plenty of water and pee often
  • Pee after sex
  • Remove and replace your tampon if you’re having a bowel movement
  • Supplement with D Mannose
  • Take a vaginal probiotic regularly