A judgment
free zone

Tailored to students, Charleston House Too is a concierge, health and wellness membership that puts the care back into healthcare for high school and college aged girls. Quick and convenient access to birth control, acne treatment, STI testing, weight management, period (flow issues) and SO MUCH MORE! CH2 is designed top to bottom for YOU – a true Charlee.

When you need someone that isn’t your mom but isn’t your best friend either. Someone trustworthy that you can be completely honest with, judgement free. Kind of like a…. vaginal therapist…..that isn’t on tik tok.

Tailored to you. To meet you where you are.

CH2 removes all the awkwardness from
going to the “lady doctor.”

Comprehensive care for the years between high school, college,
and early adulthood. CH2 addresses items that truly matter.


Health To-Do List


Mental Health


Am I a Charlee?

Girl, the answer is yes!  Think of it as the new social club…but for your health!  And being a Charlee gives you access, so sign up and see what everyone is talking about!

You are absolutely unique…just like everyone else.

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