Way more than
care ‘down there’

We manage acute needs, mental wellness, PCOS and birth control.

Perks of the membership:

  • Direct access to our team 24 hours a day
  • Same or next day appointments
  • After hours texting with Hannah
  • In person or virtual appointments
  • Quick answers for those scary questions

Gyn care can be awkward, talking about it shouldn’t be.

Student Memberships

General Memberships

Not your mom’s gyno

What is a ‘Charlee’

She is a young woman looking to establish her independence and know her own body. She proves she is responsible and puts her best self forward in all aspects of life. She is to be taken seriously and have full control over her body.

Girl. Woman. Lady. Chick. … BE A CHARLEE

High School Memberships

College Memberships

Frequently Asked Questions

$125 per month for students (high school/college)
$200 per month for non-students
A six month contract is required to sign up

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually

A lot. More than just care down there. We want to support you through the highs and lows of adulting. We offer routine gyn visits and wellness consultations for your personalized care…when you need it most. Providing access to your healthcare provider via text, even after hours. We know not all problems happen between 9 am and 5 pm.

For the mama bears: When we went off to school, it was on a wing and a prayer. Sure, we survived, but life would have been so much easier had we been given the resources of a care team 24/7. At CH2, we know you want the best for your girls- and we want that too. Let us help. Let us be their healthcare home away from home. Your birdies haven’t flown the coop? It’s coming. Let’s establish that relationship while they are still under your wing. Give them the resources to safely make that daunting leap.

Hannah Gee, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner will be providing your care. Dr. Kamilia Smith, the owner and founder of Charleston House, works alongside Hannah and is available for colposcopies or surgical interventions.

Yes, to establish membership proof of enrollment status is required upon joining. If you have any questions, please call…

Charleston House Too provides services for active students who attend school in the state of Texas.

Care continues during summer while not in school via texts, virtual visits, etc. We do not freeze memberships in the summer.

We accept most commercial insurance plan options. But don’t sweat it, we accept cash too!

To become a Charlee and sign up for membership, simply email our Email our membership coordinator [email protected], or sign up online here

An initial visit will be scheduled via our membership coordinator with you and Hannah or with you, Hannah, and your parent. If you are a minor (under age 18) your parents have the right to be a part of our conversations. An initial visit typically takes between 30-60 minutes. Because we are tailored to fit your needs, the first visit may or may not include a physical exam.

Your trust is of upmost importance to us! We value boundaries and maintaining your confidence in us while also following Texas State Law. Therefore, minors must have parental consent to discuss birth control and family planning. We must also have consent to prescribe any contraception or immunizations. Parental consent is not required for STI testing/treatment or for pregnancy tests.

We use a HIPPA (privacy) compliant communication tool called Spruce to text and talk. You will get a link to download the app and voila- we’re connected! There is also an electronic health portal where you will find all your appointment summaries and lab results.

Even if you are not a student and still in your 20’s looking for healthcare, Hannah is here for you, too!  Inquire more here!