On the reg we hear patients say things like “I’m so sorry I haven’t shaved” or, “forgive me for my downstairs situation.” Please hear us when we say this, there is absolutely nothing wrong or embarrassing about having pubic hair. It is completely natural! Believe it or not, it serves a purpose too.

Pubic hair prevents bacteria, dirt, and other invaders from gaining access to our vaginas- much like hair in our ears or eyebrows. Thankfully, it is not the societal norm to shave off our brows. (Count us out on that one.)

But if you’re removing your pubic hair for whatever reason, like intimacy or comfort, it’s important to be mindful of the tools you’re using.

Trimming: The best solution for removing hair if you are prone to razor burn or sebaceous cysts. You can find special pelvic hair grooming trimmers, or even use those for beard hair.

Shaving: If you must shave, make sure you are using a clean razor every time as razors are like bacterial breeding grounds. If you can, shave in the direction of the hair growth, but that can be tricky since hair down there likes to grow in swirly patterns.

Waxing/Sugaring: Both waxing and sugar involve pulling the hair out from the root. It can be super painful, but some people prefer this method as it lasts longer than shaving. Another bummer is that many girls experience burns or blisters from this process. Make sure you are going to a licensed professional with lots of good reviews, Thanks, Yelp!